Cira's Skirt (close-up image)
Cira's Face (close-up image)
Cira's Shirt (close-up image)
This is Cira. She is the 2nd place Professional winner in dolls for the Sulky 2007 challenge.

Cira is a stump doll made of hand painted white muslin. Her skirt is also hand painted and embroidered by machine using several colors of Sulky rayon thread.

The bodice is made using tulle and machine embroidery stitches. Free motion embroidery is used to decorate her arms and her waistline.

Cira's head is made using a unique layering technique over a styrofoam ball. This is covered with nylon tights and further needle sculpted. The sun rays are made with free motion embroidery on water soluble film then sewn by machine onto thin wire.
Cira by Kathleen Chrisman (original)